Queen Nanny - fierce warrior

Nanny & The Maroons

Despite there being little written information about her, Nanny is considered to be “the personified symbol of black resistance against white oppression by the Maroons and others." Learn about this fierce warrior queen whose gorilla tactics defeated the powerful British Army. 
Lesson includes online research activities, group discussions, and a visit to Nanny Town/Marooon Town in Jamaica as a part of a 4dy/3nght class trip to Jamaica.
Discussions With Women In Business


  • Study of Nanny & Female Warriors
  •  Study of the Maroons
  •  Women & Health Care
  •  Small Group Discussions
  • 4dy/3nght class trip to Jamaica
  • Warrior Women

Class Trip To Maroon Town in Jamaica

Travel with me ideep into the cockpit country, Jamaicas largest remaining contiguous rainforest, to uncover the mysteries of Nanny and the maroons among the mountains, caves, and maroon communities still in existence today. These difficult territories were strategically selected by maroons, who had escaped from plantations, for its natural defences and to launch their attacks on Spaniard or British colonists.  The maroons later used these territories to develop communities outside the control of colonizers.

Tour Info

This 4dy/3night all inclusive edutainment trip to Jamaica includes
~ Airport pick up and drop off
~Lodging (double occupancy)
- Meals
~Tour to Nanny Town & Maroon Town
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Enjoy an edutaining exploration of Jamaica’s beautiful people, beaches, rivers, history, and culture with members of Jamaica 4H Club

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